Harry Twogood

Harry Twogood

Principal Consultant - South West Swooner

Raised in Suffolk and made in Bristol, in the early days Harry spent his summers grafting. Landing mainly in agricultural jobs, this was his first introduction to the value of money. From strawberry farms to duck factories…this is a guy who’s not afraid to get hands on with the job.

After being shipped to a boarding college in the middle of Norfolk, which consisted mainly of rugby (classic) and not nearly enough studying, Harry ran away to drive an extremely tired van around the Australian Outback.

Boomeranging back to the UK, he recognised the importance of higher-education and began to study Business Management at Leeds Beckett University. With peers uttering his suitability to the world of recruitment and a close relationship with his brother in Bristol, he landed on his feet within the IT recruitment sector. After four years of perfecting his trade he joined the Revoco family.

When Harry isn’t recruiting, you might find him at the CrossFit box (he definitely doesn’t go on about it) or scaling a climbing wall. 

For anyone looking to reward him for doing an excellent job, he enjoys a good steak (obviously a Ribeye)!





0117 440 7824


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