Sian Wills

Sian Wills

Operations & Compliance Lead - Keeps Everyone in Check

Sian grew up in a beautiful, if not quiet, countryside town called Backwell. She was the eldest of a small family with only one younger sister which often meant paving the way of what you could and couldn’t get away with and setting a wonderful example of how to break the rules without getting caught!

After spending a year at the University of Plymouth studying Psychology, Sian quickly realised she wasn’t going to be the next Freud, so rather than waste any more money on buying bells (reference to some famous psychologist's experiment, yes we had to ask too), she decided to pack away the dog bowls (another psychology reference) and fell into the world of recruitment. She joined RSG where she spent 3 years working in the compliance team.

Outside of work you can usually find Sian either nose deep in a good book… or a good cocktail! She loves mixology, gin, baking and has a healthy passion for traveling, although now having joined Revoco it may be time to hang up the traveling shoes and take on a new, but just as exciting adventure!



0117 440 7823


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