Iain Milford | Account Manager - River Island Royalty

Iain Milford

Account Manager - River Island Royalty

Born in Devon and initially raised in Cornwall, at the age of 5 Iain moved to the seaside Riviera of Weston-Super-Mare. There he spent much of his childhood looking after the goats and chickens on his mum’s mini farm and dreaming of making it as a rock star or racing driver – small dreams! However, as both those dreams required quite a bit of talent, and/or money, Iain decided it was probably a better idea to look at other more realistic careers!

After a career in retail Iain fell into the world of recruitment in 2004. Initially supplying healthcare temps to the NHS and eventually, in 2006, making the leap into the world of tech recruitment. It is safe to say at that point he finally found his niche!

Iain has a strong breadth of experience in both permanent and contract recruitment, and over the last 4 years has specialised in delivering talent into, and account managing, outsourced recruitment campaigns for some major retail clients. 

Outside of work Iain can be found enjoying family time with his wife and daughter, and when it’s not broken (or should we say, he hasn’t broken it himself by tinkering with the electrics and playing amateur mechanic) zooming around racetracks in his Subaru (his true love)! 


0117 440 7815


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