Christine Christodoulou

Christine Christodoulou

Director - Queen CC

Growing up multi-ethnic (half English, half Cypriot - could you tell by the Greek surname?)  was never easy. In England she was the foreign kid and in Cyprus she was… you guessed it, the foreign kid! Having moved to Cyprus at the age of 6, Christine spent her days in  school dreaming of a land far away where she would be rid of her Greek surname and become the next Marilyn Monroe - interestingly, Christine is married now and her surname is Hollom but she still uses Christodoulou!


At 19 she packed her bags and made it back to London for university where she graduated with a joint BA in Media & Cultural Studies and Writing & Publishing. Like many graduates, when she realised the dream of being a Hollywood movie star was a little far fetched perhaps, she did the next best thing -  sales! In 2000 she moved to Bristol & fell into recruitment. Her drive saw her promoted year on year. She won leadership awards, managed teams of up to 40 and was the only female Director at Rethink where she had initially been recruited by Iain himself to build a contract division.


Having worked with Iain for the past 7 years and knowing they have the same passion for being straight, fair & delighting people, be it their team or their clients, it just made good sense to join the Revocians and be a part of #turningthepage


When off work, Christine loves to travel (not backpacking… 5* hotels) with her husband, drink copious amounts of Prosecco, pout for selfies and admire her 300 strong collection of shoes! Although, she now has a substitute baby, her adorable Shih Tzu pup Lola, so we can’t see many more travels on the horizon and we think she’ll be swapping her Louboutin for wellies and walkies in the park!                                                                 


0117 440 7819


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