Sometimes we all need a helping hand

Covid-19 has affected individuals, families, and businesses way beyond what we ever expected.  

Despite the devastation, there have been some hugely heart-warming stories emerging of our  country pulling together. The NHS front-line and other key workers have tirelessly and bravely battled onCompanies have switched their manufacturing to produce ventilators and PPEVolunteers have been helping the vulnerable.  

These amazing tales have had us wracking our brains How can Revoco help? How can we offer our expertise to companies that have been impacted? Businesses that are the hardest hit are unfortunately likely to downsize their workforce. 

So, its with this in mind that Revoco are volunteering our expertise and time to help companies who will be making redundancies with our outplacement services.  

We’ve developed an effective and empathetic 5 step consulting programme to help any of your IT staff who are about to face redundancy.  

We do not have unlimited capacity but will help as many companies and people as we can with this pro-bono service for as long as we can throughout this period.  

Please get in contact with Iain by email to arrange a call and discuss how we can help.  


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