Personal development vs pay rise – which would you prefer?
Personal development vs pay rise – which would you prefer?
13th Jun 2019Written by: Josie Ward

Some decisions are easy to make.

Wine or beer? I’ll have a pinot grigio, thank you very much. Better make it a large. Luther or The Wire? Getting harder, but it’s got to be The Wire – every time. Leopard-print shirt or leopard-print boots? Easy – I’ll get both (roll on payday).

If only every decision in life were that simple; there are so many that leave us wondering what on earth we should do.

Take work, for example. Everyone has their own priorities – you might want hours that fit around your kids. Perhaps you’d rather find somewhere with a buzzing office culture, or a good pension, or a great gym? Or you might be someone who’d prefer to work for a company that shares your values and outlook on life.

Then there’s the question of money.

Salary is often a key factor when looking for a new job. Hey, we’ve all got bills to pay, right? But you also want to feel like you’re putting your skills to good use and that you’re developing in a role. It’s a tough choice, so what do you go for?

Well if you’re like the majority of workers in a report I read recently, you might just opt for personal development over wages. They said they’d prefer the chance to develop and progress their careers, rather than a wage increase. Does that surprise you?

And that’s not all. They expect to be given time off during work hours in order to complete the training and also believe it’s up to their employer to foot the bill. Hear, hear!

It’s this shift in employee expectations that I find so interesting. Once money was the be-all and end-all; today training and mentoring are what people desire more than anything else.

This change feels like it’s been a long time coming. There’s been talk in HR circles of ‘learning cultures’ and ‘learning mindsets’ for some time, but now it seems the penny has finally dropped. Employers have realised that their staff want a sense of fulfilment at work – and are giving them what they want.

One of the most important parts of my job is keeping in touch with candidates throughout their recruitment journeys. This means I get to know individuals really well and can spot what will be good for them at certain stages of their career. We all want a job we enjoy. Ideally, one we love.

So, while money will always be a consideration, remember to invest in yourself too. What new skills have you learnt recently? Say in the last 12 months? If the answer’s nothing, perhaps it’s time we had a chat…


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