#PageTurner Shout Out to What3words
#PageTurner Shout Out to What3words
17th May 2019Written by: Alex Hartley

Have you ever been frustrated when your Sat-Nav automatically disengages as you near your destination? Or it misses your intended address by a mile? Not anymore.

Our May Page Turner, What3words divides the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares (57 trillion of them), each of which is assigned a unique three-word identifier. The company’s headquarters near Portobello Market, for example, can be found at “index.home.raft”, and Revoco’s offices in Central Bristol are at “overnight.admits.tune”

Since being founded in 2013, it has raised over £10 million in funding, opened offices in South Africa and Mongolia, and partnered with companies from navigation app Navmii to carmaker Mercedes-Benz. In the United Arab Emirates, Aramex delivery drivers use what3words to take packages to the right house; in Nigeria, the postal service uses it to deliver mail. Order a Domino’s pizza in Sint Maarten in the Caribbean and what3words will help it arrive at your door.

It is also being used in emergency situations; it is now used by British Police and the UN to help identify the site of accidents/emergency with incredible precision. Sam Sheppard, from Avon and Somerset Police, said: "Having this type of technology integrated within our command and control system has changed the way we are able to deal with incidents where the location isn't known.

What3Words has said that ‘better addressing can enhance customer experience, deliver business efficiency, drive growth and support social and economic development’. Here at Revoco, we think that What3words is a company not to be missed, but if you download their app, how could you?


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