#PageTurner Shout Out to Splitwise
22nd Mar 2019Written by: Iain Brook

Gone are the days of acting as your own personal loanshark with Splitwise. 

Now don't get me wrong; I definitely subscribe to the ‘what’s £20 between mates’ school of thought. But I also recognise friendships can & have been put to the test when it comes to lending & owing money, creating unwanted (& now thanks to Splitwise, unnecessary) animosity between pals. 

In most cases, I don’t believe it’s down to poor character. More often than not, the hostility stems from either simple forgetfulness & blurred lines on who owes what & what is owed.  

Whether you’re a group or simply lending money to a friend, Splitwise have built a fantastic app that makes lending money between peers completely stress-free. 

Let’s say you hit the slopes with your five nearest & dearest. You all decide on the first morning to meet at an apres-ski bar towards the end of the day; 3 of you make it, have a couple of beers each & head back to the chalet. You & Daphne have bought a round each. You enter your spending into your ski-holiday Splitwise, making sure Roger knows he owes you & the other 3 no-shows don’t owe anything.

Later in the week Giles has taken a tumble & has fallen into utter disarray. He's snapped a ski and needs to pay for it. His wallet’s at the Chalet, so you cover it for now. On it goes to the Splitwise App.

The final day, an impromptu guest arrives. Veronica isn't in the Splitwise group, so you add her in. Everyone orders fondue, split 7 ways & the trip is done.

Splitwise then intelligently calculates & finalises who owes what to who, ensuring there’s as few transactions to make as possible & you all settle-up.

It’s a brilliant app that can be used for a whole host of things. Inner-team spending at work, keeping track of what your ever-elusive brother owes you or maybe just your shared monthly bills at home. 

With outstanding debts written as clear as day on the app and users receiving regular nudges to pay, it takes big steps towards rendering awkward lending conversations a thing of the past.

Nice work Splitwise!

We think it’s a brilliant idea and well-deserved of the Revoco Page Turner award.

We set Revoco up because recruitment needed change. In doing so, we made a commitment to 'turn the page' in our industry - we’re making great progress thanks to a suite of unique tools that enhance the recruitment experience of our clients & candidates, but that’s a story for another time. 

Turning the page will always remain at the core of what we do, because we believe change is a great thing. That’s why we’ve decided to begin a series which casts a spotlight onto companies we feel are doing a great job of turning the page in their own respective industries.



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