#PageTurner Shout Out
#PageTurner Shout Out to Fat Llama
1st Mar 2019Written by: Iain Brook

Sometimes to get the most out of a new interest, you have to jump in with both feet & all too often, that also means reaching for your wallet.  

Take photography. You’ve bought a brand new camera & after the first few weeks of happy-snapping your Shihtzu, you want to branch out. You decide you want to capture Bristol’s famous Suspension Bridge from an angle never before seen by mankind. But you quickly find that to really, truly capture that shot, you’re going to need a drone. Do you want to part with a hot £500 again to use it once and shelve it? 

Perhaps your mate Joe has a drone. I bet he’d love to send you on your merry way to shoot a scene over a body of flowing water. 

Fat Llama have a better idea. 

They’ve built a platform where you can rent and lend almost anything your heart desires!

So slam the phone down on Joe, he doesn't matter anymore. 

For a simple day rate, you can take advantage of their peer to peer rentals. Rather than spending hundreds, you can spend £30 to rent the drone for a day (which is guaranteed by Fat Llama’s insurance up to £25k) & take it for a spin without a worry in the world. 

Think Campervans to trip down to Cornwall. Think cables to power a long lost computer. Think Kayaks or Clarinets. Think of literally any conceivable item & you’ll likely find it for rent on Fat Llama. 

Best of all, if you’ve got something you think people might like to use, you can list it yourself & earn on items that would otherwise be sat at home doing nothing! 

We think it’s a brilliant idea and well-deserved of the Revoco Page Turner award.

We set Revoco up because recruitment needed change. In doing so, we made a commitment to 'turn the page' in our industry - we’re making great progress thanks to a suite of unique tools that enhance the recruitment experience of our clients & candidates, but that’s a story for another time. 

Turning the page will always remain at the core of what we do, because we believe change is a great thing. That’s why we’ve decided to begin a series which casts a spotlight onto companies we feel are doing a great job of turning the page in their own respective industries.

Click here to see last month’s Page Turner - https://www.revoco-talent.co.uk/blog/view/74/page-turner-of-the-month.aspx


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