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15th Jan 2019Written by: Christine Christodoulou

We set Revoco up because recruitment needed change. In doing so, we made a commitment to 'turn the page' in our industry - we’re making great progress thanks to a suite of unique tools that enhance the recruitment experience of our clients & candidates, but that’s a story for another time. 

Turning the page will always remain at the core of what we do, because we believe change is a great thing. 

That’s why we’ve decided to begin a series which casts a spotlight onto companies we feel are doing a great job of turning the page in their own respective industries.

Too Good To Go 

Each year in the UK, over 10 million tonnes of perfectly good food goes to waste; it’s literally being thrown away. And it’s not just the loss of great food that’s an issue - the waste (and production of the waste) has a massive impact on our planet, accounting for a huge 8% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. 

We’re not cool with that, and neither are the founders behind the app Too Good To Go.

The Copenhagen-based duo came up with a fantastic idea to minimise some of this waste. Collaborating with food-based business owners, they offer a service within which you can commit to buying a portion of the businesses' would-be waste when their service for the day comes to a close. It’s taken us Revocians by storm! So far, our highlights have included loaves of sourdough bread from Assembly Bakery, boxes full of sushi from YO!Sushi & we've swept the aisles of a breakfast buffet at a local Mercure hotel.

Here’s what our consultant Elliot Bunce had to say about it:

‘I was skeptical at first because I thought it would be the dregs. It turned out to be of the same standard I'd expect as a regular customer; I couldn't believe my luck!'

The UK now boasts 1,332 participating stores to make sure perfectly edible food can be enjoyed by anyone with a smartphone and a few pounds.

So why not check out the app & see if you can grab yourself a deal like we have.

Disclaimer - Revoco are in no way affiliated with Too Good To Go… we just think they are great!




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