Life in Lockdown: Positive takeaways...
Life in Lockdown: Positive takeaways...
4th May 2020Written by: Iain Blair
We’re 7 weeks into our lockdown lives. In the midst of the chaos and turmoil, we’ve found ourselves reflecting on our lives before, the current state of the world and what the future may hold for us all.
It’s easy to tap into the negative press and dwell on the bad news, however, when we allow ourselves to delve a bit deeper there’s actually quite a lot to be positive about and so many things we’ll be able to learn from.
Here our Chief Page Turner shares just some of the positive things he's taking away from life in lockdown and the world’s adaption to life in the presence of Covid-19.
Positive things to take from the world…
Community Spirit
It’s been refreshing to hear so many tails of communities coming together supporting each other and protecting their vulnerable people at this time. Here are just some of the positive stories that have caught my eye.
  • Supermarkets have offered time-slots specifically for those who are vulnerable making it easier for them to get their essentials, while also minimising their risk.
  • People are shielding their vulnerable neighbours by delivering them meals and essentials.
  • Thousands of people across the UK have signed up to support charities by volunteering to support the elderly and vulnerable over the phone. This includes our very own Queen CC and Sam who are helping support our friends at Brunel Care.  If you want to get involved click here.
  • Social distancing parties have taken place on driveways and over live stream keeping us entertained.
  • Captain Tom Moore celebrated his birthday by walking 100 laps of his garden in April to raise funds for the NHS. Captain Tom so far has raised over 30 million for the cause!
  • Every Thursday night at 8pm communities come together outside their front doors to clap and celebrate the National Health Service and our country's key workers.

The positive impact on the environment
Under measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, local businesses have been shut, factories closed, social movement restricted, and a large proportion of transportation throughout the world has been brought to a halt.  This means burning of fossil fuels has decreased and air quality has improved significantly. Which is positive news for our environment and air quality across the world.

(Pic: World Health Forum)
From me, personally…
There is no denying that it has been a very stressful time for the business but working from home every day has certainly had its benefits.
I’ve seen more of my children in the last 7 weeks than probably I have in the last 7 months. Family meals are now the norm and don't only occur once a day (if we’re lucky) – more like three times a day!
Whilst my teenage children are literally eating us out of house and home on a daily basis they are also adapting brilliantly and getting on with the new online teaching they’re getting. However, it’s my youngest, aged 4, who I am getting the most enjoyment from. Her little personality is bursting through and spending this much home time with her is something I will cherish forever and just wasn't lucky enough to do with the other three.
It certainly makes you stop and think about the “rat race” that we live in and whether it’s all worth it. If nothing else comes from this, I will make sure that I work from home more when we all get back to normal. The dead time in commuting an hour each way is certainly something I haven’t missed and has made my working days so much more enjoyable. A work-life balance correction is due following all of this!
So how have we adapted at Revoco?
Using MS Teams has been a god send – we didn’t really use it before with any real gusto, but it has become the new norm and will certainly be something we will continue to use moving forward to help with our collaboration and communication. And talking of God sends... having super fast broadband installed at my house in the beginning of April couldn’t have come at a better time – I’ve gone from under 1MB to 250MB. Woohoo!
However, Technology can only bridge the gap so far and for so long. Something else which we’ve taken for granted (I know I have) are the simpler things in life that we suddenly can't do anymore. The odd meal out in a restaurant, popping in to see your friends for a catch up and a beer or just having a lazy Saturday afternoon shopping at Clarks Village. What will this all be like in a few weeks or months’ time? Only time will tell. 
We, as a family, have continued to show our appreciation to the NHS and other front line workers at 8pm every Thursday. I can’t imagine what this time must have been like for them and they really are the heroes in all of this. Thank you!
I'd love to know what positives you're taking from the pandemic and what new habits you hope to continue. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.
Finally, I was sent this on social media the other day and thought it was the perfect wrap up to this blog – I love it so hope you do too.


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