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Blog Posts for February 2019

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer....
Added: 22/2/2019
Not all collaborations are equal. Sometimes two of the most unlikely bedfellows come together and make sweet, sweet music. When Run-DMC reworked Aerosmith’s Walk This Way in 1986, musical ground was broken. The success of the single meant that Run-DMC...
Winter is Coming...
Added: 22/2/2019
We’re looking for a talented Contracts Consultant to join the ever-expanding team of Revocian wildlings! We don’t need you to know your dragons from your unicorns or be a full blown Maester. What we really want is for someone who...
Love is in the air….but is it in the Office?
Added: 14/2/2019
With Valentine’s day here, chocolates and flowers cluttering every available shopping aisle that you walk down and every man, woman and pooch vigilantly looking for “the one”, it got me thinking about how if on average we roughly spend a...
Page Turner of the Month
Added: 12/2/2019
Let’s face it; the digital age is brilliant. At the simple click of a button, we’re able to explore any trinket of information our twee minds conjure up. Traipsing the internet, it’s not uncommon to find yourself surrounded by news...
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