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Why Bristol beats London for tech talent
Added: 13/12/2017
Today’s top tech talent is starting to wake up to the fact that the streets of London are not the only ones in the country paved in golden opportunities. In fact, there are a fair few UK cities where you...
Recruitment lessons from an ex-rockstar
Added: 3/11/2017
Recruitment lessons from an ex-rockstar If a business is putting its cash into the hands of a recruitment agency, it’s safe to say they want a rockstar consultant and not a one-hit wonder. It’s no secret the industry has a...
Is video interviewing the death of the CV?
Added: 5/9/2017
Anybody who’s ever worked with us will know that we’re big advocates of video interviewing. It allows us to gain key insights on candidates in quick-time, getting an immediate feel for how good a fit they are for our clients....
3 key reasons why recruitment needs a reviews website
Added: 17/5/2017
The review culture permeates every industry in 2017. Guests are able to rate food and hospitality companies. Home owners are able to recommend and vet tradespeople. Employees can rate their employer. Heck, students can even rate their teachers online. Yet,...
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