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If you could work from home forever, would you?
Added: 15/5/2020
Yes. Yes, I would. 100%    Comfy clothes, no make-up, no distractions (except for the hubby and two naughty Shihtzus), an extra hour sleep, not sat in traffic for an hour and a half, no road rage...     We’re all adapting to...
Life in Lockdown: Positive takeaways...
Added: 4/5/2020
We’re 7 weeks into our lockdown lives. In the midst of the chaos and turmoil, we’ve found ourselves reflecting on our lives before, the current state of the world and what the future may hold for us all.   It’s easy...
Your Remote Hiring Tool Kit!
Added: 20/3/2020
As the C oronavirus pandemic continues to grip economies across the globe, you would be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn’t experienced an impact from the fallout, in most cases with huge implications.    We stand with all other businesses...
Lockdown careers check-list!
Added: 17/3/2020
  Yep. We can’t escape it, the news of COVID-19 now being a global pandemic and the UK teetering on the edge of full lockdown has EVERYONE concerned.   While we know it’s scary (and let’s face it we have a right...
The Unlimited Holiday Debate
Added: 27/11/2019
If you were going to give a run-through of the ultimate workplace perks, unlimited holiday allowance would get a mention. As benefits go, it sounds wicked. We’re talking about unlimited time off that you get paid for. What’s not to...
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