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Lola & Ziggy

VPs of Pawsitivity -
Bring the "Shihtz & Giggs"

Lola Belle & Ziggy Pup have the pawsomest life ever!

Adopted children of our Queen CC, they’re possibly the most spoilt little Shihtzus we’ve ever met.

Lola is our office princess! She has more toys, beds, clothes and bows than would ever be necessary but she rocks them all. She’ll do anything for treats and is always readily available for cuddles & belly rubs when you just need that zen moment. In her spare time she loves to exert some serious tzunergy and get down and dirty with her furiends on walkies. Her favourite walkies are in the farmers field and you know what that means? Cows. Cow pats. Face in! Yuk.

In the office, she keeps us real and reminds us that there is more to life than just being tzumazing recruiters!

Ziggy is a true adrenaline junky and is only happy when all four paws are off the ground. His ambition is to be the world’s first Doggy Parkour Champ and believe us, he practices a lot much to his momagers dismay. A flamboyant character, his fashion sense often mirrors his namesake Ziggy Stardust. He identifies as ambiguously fluid and has been known to throw the odd tantrum or two when a haircut is mentioned – wouldn’t you if you had that man bun?

In the office, he ramps up the energy levels even when you don’t want him to!

Together the adorable fluffy duo are in charge of “Shihtz & Giggs” and keeping the office morale at an all-time high.


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“Ziggy’s energy knows no limits. He likes to keep things lively in the office and is a well-needed reminder to get off our behinds and keep our bodies moving throughout the day.”

Iain Brook
Principal Consultant, Revoco

“It’s no secret that recruitment can be a stressful game. It’s great to have a furry friend in the office to bring you back down to earth & Lola does that job effortlessly (quite literally sometimes).”

Sian Wills
Operations & Compliance Lead, Revoco