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Oliver Roper

Recruitment Consultant -

Born and raised in the picturesque county of Devon, Ollie cherished every moment with nature — from rambling across the moors to swimming in the local rivers.

While the serenity of Devon was captivating, its music opportunities were limited. This sparked Ollie's journey to Bristol, pursuing him love for music production. At dBs Music, he embarked on a degree in Electronic Music Production, during which he fell in love with Bristol's vibrant culture, deciding to make it his home after graduating in 2021.

After leaving university, Ollie transferred his skills from music to tech, getting a job as a Microsoft Azure as a cloud specialist. There, he delved deep into cloud-based computing and emerging technologies. Drawing from his technical expertise and his inherently communicative nature, Ollie found his niche: aligning individuals with their perfect job roles in the tech sector.

When he's not bridging the gap between talent and tech, Ollie keeps active, indulging in Bristol's culinary delights, and fuelling his passion for music — where he loves making electronic music alongside playing the guitar.

We're thrilled to welcome Ollie to our DevOps & cloud team. If you're on the hunt for your next role or seeking your ideal candidate, don't hesitate to drop him a message.

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