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Kelly Constable

Principal Consultant -
IoT & Embedded

Kelly is originally a Cheltenham girl and a lover of all kinds of sports. With her go-to sport being athletics, she's competed to an impressively high standard in both Midland and English championships.

Before her life in recruitment, Kelly originally worked in sporting and corporate events, where she managed multiple events including the Six Nations, Wimbledon and Lions Tour.

Working in events enabled her to travel to some incredible places around the world and learn a lot about herself - especially, her passion for building relationships and managing a mixture of clientele.

So, when moving to Bristol in 2021, this led to her embarking on a career in recruitment, where she spent the next few years hiring contractors in the IoT/embedded market. Fast forward a few years, and Kelly is now part of the Revoco team.

Although running is one of her favourite things to do, she's very much partial to a glass of vino with her family and friends, and finding a new holiday destination to scratch off her world map!

Now part of the Revoco contract team, Kelly is focusing on hiring in the world of test in engineering and project management.

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