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Jonny Bradley

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Jonny is Bristol-born & bred and spent his early days convincing himself he was a velociraptor before falling in love in football. Being born on the blue side of Bristol, this meant he grew up supporting Rovers, so unfortunately had very little to cheer about. (He likes to tell us that he’s a Manchester United fan at heart.)

His dream of playing professional football ended rather abruptly after a tragic knee injury ruled him out. We’re not sure if he’s referring to being ruled out for playing for Frampton Rangers again or if he was knocking on the door for an England call up at Euro 2012. I guess we’ll never know!

He found his love for sales after finishing his A levels where he swore he’d never study Accademia again. His earlier career was in retail where he swiftly moved up the ranks to store management. However, he was approached to try a career in recruitment and has never looked back. Best career decision he’s ever made… until his latest decision to join Revoco (we know… he has to say that).

When Jonny isn’t recruiting you’ll find him at the gym, playing football, watching football or trying to win Warzone on the PlayStation.

Jonny should be your go-to guy for all things Data Science at Revoco. He joins the Revoco Data Practice with over three years of success in the market. Get in touch with Jonny to chat about your next data science role or growing your data science team!

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