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Christine Christodoulou

Co-founder & Director -
Queen CC

Growing up multi-ethnic (half English, half Cypriot - could you tell by the Greek surname?) was never easy. In England she was the foreign kid and in Cyprus she was… you guessed it, the foreign kid!

Having moved to Cyprus at the age of 6, Christine spent her days in school dreaming of a land far away where she would be rid of her Greek surname and become the next Marilyn Monroe - interestingly, Christine is married now and her surname is Hollom but she still uses Christodoulou!

At 19 she packed her bags and made it back to London for university where she graduated with a joint BA in Media & Cultural Studies and Writing & Publishing. Like many graduates, when she realised the dream of being a Hollywood movie star was a little far fetched perhaps, she did the next best thing - sales! In 2000 she moved to Bristol & fell into recruitment. Her drive saw her promoted year on year. She won leadership awards, managed teams of up to 40 and was the only female Regional Director at Rethink.

Having worked with Iain for the past 10 years and knowing they have the same passion for changing perceptions of the industry it just made good sense to partner up.

When off work, Christine loves to travel (not backpacking… 5* hotels) with her husband, drink copious amounts of Prosecco, and admire her 300 strong collection of shoes! Although, she now has her adorable Shihtzu furbabies, Lola & Ziggy, so we can’t see many more travels on the horizon and we think she’ll be swapping her Louboutin for wellies and walkies in the fields!

CC, as we call her at Revoco, is the woman that wears many hats and is the Yang to Iain's Yin!

She's our doer. From managing the day to day sales function and operations of the business, to L&D, internal recruitment, staff wellbeing, incentives, marketing, mothering, nagging even! You name it, she does it!


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“I have worked for Christine for the past two years and can honestly say she’s one of the best out there! When it comes to keeping the team engaged, motivated, sharing knowledge and experience, she works out the best solutions for each individual and the teams she looks after! Her door is always open! She also organises kick-ass incentives, trips, parties and a great culture to work in! I am confident that anyone looking to work with her would instantly see the benefits and be excited to take that next step in their career!”

Tim Farmer, Senior Consultant, Revoco
Senior Consultant, Revoco

“Christine is a brilliant manager. Easily the best boss I have reported to. She is fun, motivational, energetic, influential and understanding.”

Sian Wills,
Operations and Compliance Lead, Revoco

“Christine has been my manager for 8 years. She is unique, first-class in motivating staff, exceptionally supportive and great fun to be around. Her coaching is fantastic, she is thorough and tremendously organised. Christine has the ability to make a bad day great and for those reasons I cannot recommend her enough.”

Josh Abbott,
Senior Consultant, Revoco

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