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Blaine Keane

Senior Consultant -

Blaine is a North Manchester native who relocated to Bristol to study Philosophy at University in 2010. After realising that he had overspent in his first few months at university, he decided to jump into the working world and leave full-time studies behind.

Blaine's first job was in charity fundraising, where he braved all weather conditions, knocking on doors to raise over a quarter of a million pounds for various causes in just a couple of years. He later assisted in recruiting fundraising staff before moving to Cardiff, where he helped open an office as a Lead Recruiter.

After a successful year in Cardiff, the pull of Bristol proved too much and he found himself working in high-street recruitment. Over the course of seven years, he worked his way up to become the Recruitment Manager for accountancy and finance professionals.

Blaine was ready to carve out his own niche when he felt he had reached his ceiling at his previous company, and he found the perfect opportunity to do so at Revoco, where he works in the Product space. He brings his expertise in recruitment and his drive to succeed to the role, helping to find the best talent to shape the future of tech companies around the UK.

In his free time, Blaine has an eclectic mix of hobbies, including caring for his bonsai trees, practising Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (badly), and trying out new dishes in the kitchen. However, he is most at home taking his beloved whippet on long walks in the beautiful countryside around Bristol. (Typical Northerner!)

Whether you're looking for your next product hire or job, Blaine is the man to talk to!

Photo of Blane his dog at a waterfall.
Black and white photo of Blaine wearing a suit at a wedding.

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