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Billy Wakeley

Principal Consultant -
DevOps & Cloud

Originally from Devon, Billy was born in a tiny agricultural village called Rockbeare. With there being little else to do besides sports during his childhood, he jumped at the chance to join as many teams as he could! (Much to the delight of his amazing mum, who had to drop him off at events all over the country.)

As soon as he had the chance, he moved to somewhere bigger and started at the University of Brighton.

Shortly after graduating, he started his career as a personal trainer (Revoco now have their own Mr Motivator it seems!) where he soon progressed into sales management for David Lloyd gyms. This gave him an amazing opportunity to learn more about the world of business whilst getting to travel across the UK.

This is where he came across Bristol. Like many others have, he knew as soon as he arrived he had found his new home.

After a couple of years in Bristol, he fancied a change. A place where he gets back as much as he puts in. So, what better career to pursue with his sales experience than recruitment?

Since starting in recruitment, he's worked heavily in the world of DevOps, Cloud & Infrastructure, helping companies hire incredible talent. Whilst doing this, he's found himself lucky enough to see people progress in their careers to the point where they're now asking him to hire for their own teams!

Outside of the world of Kubernetes and Terraform, he's still an eager sportsman. Whenever he has the chance, he enjoys playing cricket and tennis, as well as going for the occasional swim. In his spare time, he also does an amazing job volunteering at DrugFAM - a charity that provides support to families, friends and partners affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use.

Now looking to further his career, Billy's joined Revoco's Data & Engineering team as a Principal Consultant to lead our DevOps division.

As we've quickly learnt, Billy is always keen to chat about sport. But more importantly, he also loves talking about all things DevOps. So, if you're looking to chat about your next DevOps hire or that next dream job, Billy is your man!

Group of 2 men & 2 women standing outside after finishing a marathon.
Photo of Billy sitting outside at a restaurant table.

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Billy is pleasant, friendly, and professional in his approach to recruitment.

He provided useful insight and was attentive to my requests back and forth with the company.

During the hiring process, Billy kept me up to date with any advancements in my application and was always keen to catch up with my thoughts or further requirements.

It was a great experience to be a client of Billy’s and I may never need his assistance again, but it will certainly be welcomed, should circumstances change!

DevOps Engineer

I had the pleasure of being placed by Billy at LiveLink. Billy provided excellent detail on the company and took on board my reasons for looking for a new opportunity.

During the hiring Billy kept me informed of what was happening at every step.

Hopefully, I’ll never need his services again as he’s placed me in such a great place to work, but if ever I’m on the hunt for somewhere new he’ll be the first one I phone!

Software Developer

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