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Bailey Howes

Office Bouncer /
Head of Security

Bailey, an Alpaha Blue Blood Bulldog (I know we’d never heard of that breed either) was born in Dundry, where her purpose in life was to be a show dog in America. Unfortunately, she was born with a crooked tail which shattered this dream at a young age. However, things happen for a reason and her life was about to get even better as a few days later she was collected by her owner Charley and taken off into the sunset to enjoy life in Frenchay.

A breed mainly used as Guard Dogs and who’s natural trait is to be aloof toward strangers, it was only a matter of time before Bailey secured her first job in security.

When she is not protecting her Revoco family, she can be found chasing cyclists in the park, chomping on a bone or chowing down a massive bowl of food in under 10 seconds.

As Head of Security, protecting her Revoco family is her main objective. If we’re being honest though, we’re not sure how effective she will be! As whilst she looks pretty fierce, she is more likely to lick you to death than anything else.

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